Cattle Information


Caretaking Information

Estimating Hay Needs, a workable Excel file

UK Beef IRM Mineral Recommendations, supplements to forage

UK Forages, videos relating to cattle production


Articles and Newsletters

UK Beef Cattle Research & Education

Off the Hoof Newsletter, a monthly beef cattle publication from UK Extension

KY Dairy Notes, a monthly dairy cattle e-newsletter from UK Extension


Cattle Clubs and Associations

Oldham County Cattlemen's Association

Kentucky Cattlemen's Association

Kentucky Dairy Development Council


 Goat and Sheep Information

Kentucky Goat Producers Association

Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office

UK Sheep Research & Education

KSU Goat Production Information


 Alpaca and Llama Information

Kentucky Alpaca Association

Kentucky Llama and Alpaca Association

Dead Livestock Removal Service: Call Oldham County Dispatch at (502) 222-0111 to make arrangements for pickup. The county pays for a portion of dead animal removal service, with the resident being responsible for $75.