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What is Extension?

The Oldham County Cooperative Extension Service has been helping grow kids, families, farms, and gardens since 1914. Extension is an outreach service of University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University. Extension is present in every Kentucky county and is found throughout the United States. Extension offers research-based programs in three areas:

4-H Youth Development – Cultivates important life skills in youth that build character and assists youth in making life and career choices. Youth develop leadership, citizenship, and social skills.

Family & Consumer Sciences – Helps families become resilient and healthy through learning nutrition and food preparation skills, health care strategies, financial management, and other self-reliance skills.

Agriculture & Natural Resources – Cultivates successful farm businesses for all types of agriculture and promotes successful food production, lawn, and landscape care for residents. Promotes principles to protect and use natural resources wisely.

All programs foster leadership and community development, volunteer service, and support community projects and businesses.

Oldham County Extension FAQ

Q:How many people use Extension Services?
A:In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, Oldham County Extension had 85,688 unique contacts with residents through requests for information, diagnostic services, club and educational program participation, and newsletters.


Q:Where does Extension get its operating funds?
A:Until recently, Oldham County Extension received its operating funds from Oldham County Fiscal Court. Beginning in 2017, Oldham County Extension became the 115th of Kentucky’s 120 counties in which Extension raises its own operating funds through an Extension District tax rate. Oldham County Extension funds are administered by the Extension District Board.


Q:How are Extension District Board members chosen?
A:State law provides that the County Judge-Executive is automatically a member of the Extension District Board, and that its other members are appointed by the County Judge-Executive with the approval of the Fiscal Court.


Q:Why did the Extension District levy a tax?
A:Demand for Extension services has exceeded resources available from the Fiscal Court, and new programs cannot be offered without cutting existing services. Extension has been unable to offer programs in demand from residents and local agencies such as drug prevention programs, youth agriculture education programs, community gardens, and commercial kitchen. With its own source of funding, Extension can maintain personnel and facilities necessary to meet these and other community needs.


Q:How was the Extension District tax levied?
A:Kentucky law recognizes the Extension District as a special purpose governmental entity (“SPGE”), with authority to adopt an ad valorem tax. On August 1, 2017, the Extension District was invited to present its adopted tax rate to the Fiscal Court, with support of the Kentucky Department for Local Government. Additionally, the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General has repeatedly issued legal opinion letters recognizing that cooperative extension service districts may levy a tax without the approval of the local Fiscal Court, most recently in February 2018.


Q:What is the Extension District tax rate?
A:The Extension District tax rate in Oldham County is .015%. This equates to 1.5 pennies per $100 of property value. For example, the tax on a $200,000 home would be $30.


Q:How does the Extension District tax rate in Oldham County compare to other Kentucky counties?
A:Oldham County Extension District’s tax rate is an average one compared to other Kentucky counties. In fourteen counties comparable to Oldham County, Extension District tax rates range from .88 pennies to 3.3 pennies per $100 of assessed property value. 115 of Kentucky’s 120 counties have an Extension District tax rate.


Q:How can I find the Extension District’s budget information?
A:As a SPGE, the Extension District reports its budget on the Kentucky Department for Local Government’s website, The Extension District will continue to present its budget to Fiscal Court annually.


Q:How will Extension District tax revenues be used?
A:The Extension District anticipates that its operating funds will be used generally for the following purposes: 1) repayment of funding received from the Fiscal Court during the 2017-2018 fiscal year; 2) recurring operating expenses; 3) expansion of facilities to address the lack of adequate space for offices, meeting rooms, parking and storage space; and 4) funding of programming requested by Oldham County residents, including drug prevention, youth agriculture education, community gardens and a commercial kitchen.


Q:Why are current facilities inadequate?
A:Extension’s current meeting room space is used nearly every day of the year, and limits the number of program participants. Renting other facilities is often necessary to accommodate Extension’s programs. Parking space is insufficient, even to meet the current room capacity. Storage and office space is very limited, and rental of off-site storage is necessary year-round.


Q:How many people are employed by Extension?
A:There are eight Oldham County Cooperative Extension Service employees.


Q:How many volunteers are involved with Extension?
A:During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, 506 citizens volunteered their time, talent, and knowledge in support of Extension and its programs. Over the same time period, volunteers contributed 47,988 hours to leadership and teaching roles, charitable projects, and service projects.


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