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Watch this episode of Cooking With Chris: Canning for a canning introduction video. The following documents provide more information on canning and perserving. Click to download a publication.


From the Beginning: Home Canning Basics. Learn everything you need to know to start canning at home!

Home Canning Tomatoes & Tomato Products

Home Canning Salsa

Home Canning Fruit

Home Canning Vegetables

Home Canning Meat (Poultry, Beef, Fish, Wild Game)

Home Canning Pickled & Fermented Foods

Home Canning Jams, Jellies & Other Soft Spreads

Canning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Canning)


Looking for a commercial kitchen? Check our listing of commercial kitchens across Kentucky that may be rented for food manufacturing or homebased microprocessing purposes. The list contains extension office kitchens as well as shared use kitchens. It is organized by county.

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How old is your pressure canner? We suggest using equipment made after 1997 as these models include more safety features. Read more about canning equipment in our Home Canning Basics guide.


Need your canning equipment inspected? Chris provides free lid inspections! Call and make an appointment today!