University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Extension Leadership

Kentucky Statute 164 describes Kentucky Cooperative Extension's mission: to spread "useful and practical information on subjects relating to agriculture, home economics, and rural and community life and to encourage the application of" that information. The Extension Council helps Oldham County Extension strive towards that goal.


Current Extension Council Members

Tim Baker

Jon Bednarski

Dottie Crouch

David Deibel

Donna Doss

Rob Guinn

Karen Horton

Gary Keibler

Annette Kennedy

Karen McShane

Bettie Miller

Angela Morris

Paula Pascal

Gilbert Penn

Nye Petaja

Ken O'Barr

Barbara Rosenman

Becky Smith

Kathryn White




District Board Members

Oren Clore

Nancy Dahlgren

Ken Heppermann

Joyce McKinney

Ron Miller

Caldwell Willig


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